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Credit problems due to a negative credit check with a pending entry can be solved. people can apply for credit from abroad at an approved credit institution without involving credit check.

We want you to get your foreign loan and not end up in the clutches of a dubious credit broker. We therefore provide you with all the information you need to apply for a loan.

Credit from abroad – who can grant it?

Credit from abroad - who can grant it?

People who want to apply for their loan from abroad cannot do so at any credit institution “without credit check”. Without credit check, a foreign credit institution may only grant foreign credit to people if it has no branch or representation in the country.

As far as is known, only one bank currently fulfills all the requirements for credit check-free lending to the country. Anyone who now thinks about the “ loan” and connects it to the country of origin will be disappointed.

The bank must therefore involve credit check in every credit procedure. Credit from abroad, as most people hope for, is offered by lending company. The credit check-free loan can be applied for via an intermediary or directly. We recommend – despite bad press – the way through a credit broker.

Without credit check from abroad – the real offer

Without credit check from abroad - the real offer

Loan advertising from intermediaries must attract attention, otherwise it won’t pull. credit check-free financing often serves as a figurehead for all kinds of business models. When it comes to advertising, the aim of which is not necessarily to provide credit, there are hardly any limits to superlatives. Agents who prefer to sell insurance or an investment are happy to exaggerate the structure of the credit check-free loan.

It doesn’t matter that they ultimately cannot deliver what the advertising promises or at least suggests. The real promise of a loan from abroad without credit check is only – to carry out a credit check without credit check. In addition, properly serviced loans are not reported to credit check.

The loan amount can be USD 3,500 or USD 5,000. A repayment in 40 equal monthly installments applies to both loan variants.

The bank promises no more and no less. There is no word in the loan terms of credit without creditworthiness, a housewife’s credit without income or a quick loan. Credit from abroad can be granted to people if they can demonstrate the necessary creditworthiness to grant credit. If you can’t do that, you are welcome to buy heaps of insurance, but you still won’t get a foreign loan.

Credit Requirements – Prove creditworthiness for lending

Credit Requirements - Prove creditworthiness for lending

A credit check-free foreign loan is a loan without a guarantor. The first and fundamental prerequisite for lending is an income subject to social security contributions. The net income must show an attachable income component. In addition, the permanent, unconditional employment contract must have existed for at least 12 months (3,500 dollars credit) or 36 months (5,000 dollars credit).

Credit intermediaries – why is it worth it?

Credit intermediaries - why is it worth it?

Credit from abroad is not entirely free of charge. Payment is made for certification and submission of applications using the post-ID procedure. Post-ID costs 9.18 dollars. 10-20 dollars must be paid for the certification of the assignment. Having the credit opportunities pre-checked before applying makes no cost to reputable brokers.

The preliminary check can prevent a hopeless credit attempt from being made. If a loan agreement is concluded, the bank pays the intermediary. His commission goes into the cost of the loan. Without an intermediary, the applicant saves no cent, only the bank saves costs.

For applicants qualified for lending, the very expensive foreign loan may even be avoidable by an intermediary. Domestic loans are often cheaper in spite of credit check.In addition, financing despite credit check is not only tied to two loan amounts and a fixed term, but much more flexible.

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